We will sit down with you for an intense strategy session to develop an overarching PR and marketing Strategy to map out the next twelve months and beyond for your business.

This includes a consultation to determine your objectives, key messages, goals and key dates. Future media releases can be planned around these key dates. We will research your competitors and identify all potential media and marketing opportunities.


We will also identify which media organisations we are going to specifically target for you to get the most coverage. During this session we will brainstorm several unique media possibilities and story angles in order to build your customer base and raise awareness of your business.


Our Team Members have decades of experience between them in marketing and Public Relations. We know how to get straight to the point and identify the key who, what, where, when and whys of your business so you can become a household name.

What does that mean? More customers! We spend over 25 hours on every clients marketing strategy – it becomes a very valuable document for you!