How to grow your professional network

How to grow your professional network

ONE thing I love to do is attend networking events – from weekly business breakfasts, to industry lunches and corporate dinners with amazing guest speakers, there really is something for everyone.

But so often

10 tips to master media interviews


10 Tips on how to master media interviews


Media interviews are a great opportunity to raise awareness and to increase the interest towards a product or an event. Media interviews can easily help you reach a huge number of people.

Media interviews can be in the form

How to deal with online trolls

By Jaimie Abbott


A friend of mine is a local real estate agent and recently he told me about how internet trolls had taken to his company’s Facebook page. The fake ‘customers’ – either acting in support of a

Get a bio!

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A professional bio is a must-have if you want to gain visibility on social media, guest blogs, article directories, personal websites and blogs. An expert bio should demonstrate your accomplishments in a brief, interesting and humorous manner. It must reflect