Media Training

Learn how to master media interviews, deliver key messages and present yourself on camera.

We will provide the key formulas for developing key messages and professionally managing your media interviews.

Participants will receive as much videotaping and critique time as possible and will be given training handbooks to keep for future reference. Media training can be conducted one-on-one, or in larger groups.

We also specialise in advanced interview performance – this training is for senior executives who have already had some experience as a media spokesperson. This intensive workshop will focus on media management, handling difficult questions and perfecting the ‘news grab.

Designed for spokespersons and those dealing with media at a high level, executives will develop their interview skills and techniques.

All of our workshops are tailored to suit your needs. Audio-visual equipment and personalised scenarios are used to make the practice interviews as real-to-life as possible. You will learn to feel confident and relaxed in any interview situation.

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