Public Speaking Training 

In person or virtual public speaking training

Public speaking is a key skill for anyone.

Whatever the occasion, with the right presentation skills training and coaching you can achieve outstanding results.
Our public speaking skills training can be conducted one-one-one or in a small group in person, or online.
If you require ongoing coaching you may consider signing up to one of our retainer packages where Jaimie Abbott is on call to coach you and rehearse with you ahead of presentations you may be required to do.

Jaimie Abbott can teach you:

  • How to improve your public speaking skills
  • How to prepare to speak ahead of important meetings
  • Traits of effective communication
  • How to be an engaging presenter
  • How to think on your feet
  • How to look confident even if you don’t feel it
  • How to successfully get your point across in a debate
  • How to improve pronunciation
  • How to control pitch of voice in speech
  • How to control body gestures on stage
  • How to control nerves and fears
  • How to connect with people with public speaking
  • How to inject storytelling and charisma into your presentations
  • How to master impromptu speaking
  • How to present with purpose
  • How to come across with more credibility and authority
  • How to master media interviews
  • How to be clear on your messaging

Who this training is for?

You’re going to get significant value out of this training if you are:

  • An experienced public speaker, and want to develop your skills.
  • Wanting to improve your confidence and ability to think on your feet
  • Managing your nerves and fears when it comes to public speaking in front of any audience
  • Committed to putting in a few hours a week to implement the lessons and start seeing results

It’s not for you if you:

  • Believe there is nothing new for you to learn about public speaking
  • Are not a good active listener
  • Want someone to write your speeches for you

Let's chat!

For any enquiries, email me at [email protected]