Pitch Perfect with Jaimie Abbott

Welcome to "Pitch Perfect," a podcast hosted by Jaimie Abbott, an expert in the art of public speaking, public relations, and a seasoned business strategist. Every week, Jaimie explores the different facets of these fields, aiming to empower entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and anyone interested in honing their communication skills.

The show illuminates the intricate world of public relations, providing insights to craft a compelling PR strategy. It also delves into the cutting-edge sphere of marketing, discussing innovative approaches and trends, along with an in-depth analysis of effective business strategies.

The podcast features illuminating interviews with industry leaders, engaging discussions, and provides actionable advice that you can apply directly to your own profession.

Latest Episodes

How to maximise your income as a speaker

In this episode, I share practical tips to boost your income as a professional speaker. Whether you're just starting out or have loads of experience, my insights will help you make more money.

I'll cover how to figure out your value, build a strong personal brand, and promote yourself to get more gigs. I'll also discuss the importance of good negotiation, using online platforms, and constantly improving your skills to land higher-paying opportunities. By staying proactive, confident, and always delivering great value, you can significantly increase your earnings in the speaking world.


How to score your first $10k speaking gig

In today's episode, I dive into achieving a major milestone: scoring your first $10,000 speaking gig. Reaching this level opens doors to even more lucrative opportunities. I'll cover essential strategies to build your expertise, create a compelling speaker's portfolio, develop high-value topics, network with decision makers, perfect your pitch, negotiate confidently, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Today kicks off the Speak and Earn Challenge at 9:30 a.m. Sydney time. This three-day event runs until Wednesday, June 5th. Join us at jaimieabbott.com.au/speakandearn to catch up and join our Facebook group. Get an exclusive Canva template for your speaker toolkit, access to the community, and more—all for free!

Doors open to my Paid to Speak Course June 4th and close June 11th. Visit jaimieabbott.com.au/paidtospeak to join the waitlist.


How to score repeat speaking gigs

In today's episode, I share invaluable insights on how to score repeat paid speaking gigs, which are essential for financial stability and building a strong reputation. I discuss the importance of delivering unmatched value, building strong relationships with event organisers, and keeping your speaker's toolkit updated. 

Doors open on to my Paid to Speak Course on June 4th. Join the waitlist at jaimieabbott.com.au/paidtospeak for a bonus one-on-one session with me.

Starting next Monday, the 3rd of June, join the Speak and Earn challenge to learn essential skills for successful speaking engagements. Sign up for free at jaimieabbott.com.au/speakandearn.


How to ask for more money as a speaker

In this episode, I dive into a crucial topic for all of us speakers: how to ask for more money. Whether you’re already getting paid or just starting out, I share tips on overcoming the fear of rejection and confidently communicating your value to event organisers. I encourage you to practice your pitch, stay flexible, and always get agreements in writing.

Don't miss my free three-day Speak and Earn challenge starting June 3rd, 2024, at 9:30 AM AEST (Sydney time). Over three days, you’ll learn to create a speaker toolkit, pitch yourself for high-paying gigs, and find speaking opportunities.


Empowering Women in Real Estate with Jo Vadillo

I'm thrilled to have Jo Vadillo join us once again by popular demand. As a trailblazer for women in real estate, Jo isn't just a property investment guru; she's a powerful advocate for empowering women to claim their rightful space in this challenging industry. This episode is a deep dive into Jo's transformative journey from a novice investor to a prominent buyer's agent and a passionate advocate for women's empowerment.

Join me as I uncover the strategies that Jo has not only mastered but also generously shares, from property developments to managing Airbnbs, all tailored to inspire your own investment ventures.  Plus, Jo shares her predictions for the Australian real estate market, offering invaluable advice for navigating our current economic climate.


How to land your first paid speaking gig

Get set to shine on stage and land your first paid speaking gig! In this exciting episode, I'm showing you how. Discover what makes you special, create a great profile, and set a fair price. Spread the word, bounce back from setbacks, and negotiate wisely. Practice hard, be confident, and wow your audience. But remember, this is just the start of your amazing journey.

Every great speaker began with a single engagement. With persistence, preparation, and passion, your own success story is poised to unfold. Join me on this electrifying journey toward your brightest speaking future.


How to craft your signature talk

In this episode, I focus on the essential steps to craft your signature talk, a crucial element for any professional speaker aiming to establish a strong personal brand and professional identity. This episode will guide you through identifying your niche, understanding your audience, and structuring your presentation to make a powerful impact from start to finish.

I'll also discuss how integrating personal stories, relevant data, and effective visuals can enhance your credibility and engage your audience more deeply. I encourage you to refine your delivery through repeated rehearsals in diverse settings. Your signature talk is an evolving tool, meant to grow and improve with each presentation.


Explore the art of podcasting from start to success with Tracey Cook

In today's episode, I sit down with Tracey Cook, an accomplished podcaster and advocate for women's voices where she shares her journey from radio announcer to podcasting pro, offering practical tips for anyone looking to start or improve their own podcast. We delve into the essentials of crafting a compelling message, choosing the right equipment, and the exciting opportunities in video podcasting. Tracey also discusses strategies for leveraging your podcast as a vital part of your branding and marketing efforts.

Tune in to get inspired and start making your mark in the podcasting world today!


Using AI to refine your speaking skills

Join me in today’s podcast episode where I dive into the exciting world of AI and speech analytics! Fresh off a busy phase and some fun in Jamaica, I’m here to share how this cutting-edge technology is transforming public speaking. We’ll explore how AI enhances clarity, pacing, and emotional delivery, making our words more impactful.

Plus, I’ll talk about the real-time feedback that’s changing the practice game. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or just starting out, this tech promises to boost your confidence and skills like never before. Tune in for an unedited, authentic journey into the future of communication. Don’t miss out!


How to land paid speaking gigs

In this week's episode, I dive deep into the world of securing paid speaking gigs, sharing my personal journey and the lessons I've learned along the way. From highlighting the importance of knowing your unique value proposition to the crucial role of a strong online presence and effective networking, I cover all the bases to help you stand out in this competitive field. I walk you through the nuances of crafting compelling pitches, the strategic use of speaker bureaus, and the art of the follow-up.

Join me as I share my strategies for persistence, professionalism, and skill refinement, all designed to elevate your speaking career and ensure your voice is heard.


Why pitching is important to score speaking gigs

In this fresh episode of "Pitch Perfect", I share the ins and outs of direct pitching to event organisers. Discover how to turn last-minute cancellations into opportunities by keeping your profile and pitch materials ready for quick action. I'll offer concise, attention-grabbing pitching tips and success stories from the PR club. Plus, grab your FREE speaker guide checklist at jaimieabbott.com/speakerguide to elevate your speaking career.

Join me for a deep dive into making impactful pitches and seizing every chance to shine on the stage.


How to identify your niche as a paid speaker

Have you ever experienced that overwhelming sensation of trying to cater to everyone's needs in the speaking arena? Join me on my journey of self-discovery as I unveil the secrets to finding your ideal niche. Through a blend of introspection and market exploration, I managed to pinpoint my passions and a void within my industry. Starting with smaller speaking engagements, I honed and validated my message before fully committing to my niche. Today, by consistently delivering top-notch content and actively networking, I've established myself as the leading authority in my field.

Tune in for my step-by-step playbook on uncovering your unique value and carving out your space in the competitive speaking market.


How to create a speaker one-sheet

In my latest podcast episode, I dive into how to craft a speaker one sheet, an essential tool for anyone in the speaking industry. I walk you through the must-haves: a professional headshot, a compelling bio, your speaking topics, testimonials, past engagements, media mentions, and contact info. I also share insights on including a clear call to action and the key design elements like maintaining brand consistency and using whitespace effectively.

Join me in this episode for a hands-on guide to creating a one sheet that truly represents your expertise and value as a speaker.


How to network to become a paid speaker

In my latest podcast episode, let’s delve into how networking can dramatically enhance a speaker's career. I discuss strategic networking, emphasising authenticity, active listening, and staying industry-relevant. This episode is packed with practical tips and inspirational advice for speakers at any career stage, focusing on making impactful connections in the speaking world. A must-listen for anyone aiming to boost their public speaking journey through effective networking.


How to craft compelling calls to action in your speeches

In this episode, let's delve into the craft of creating impactful Calls to Action (CTAs), which are crucial for turning inspiring speeches into tangible actions. I explore how to make a CTA not just a speech conclusion but a pivotal moment that prompts action, covering the essentials from clarity and urgency to emotional resonance and clear benefits. I also share insights on seamlessly weaving CTAs into your narrative, choosing powerful words, and engaging your audience physically to ensure they are moved to act. Join me as I unpack the anatomy of a persuasive CTA and how it can transform your audience from passive listeners to active participants, making a real difference.


Crafting calmer, happier family lives with Karina Lane

Join me in this insightful podcast episode where I chat with Karina Lane, a certified parenting coach with a unique background that includes working with inmates and offenders. Karina shares her journey from the prison system to becoming a renowned parenting coach and author of 'Chilled Out Mum.'

We dive into the challenges parents face, including societal pressures and high expectations, and discuss "stress-proof" parenting strategies. Karina's approach, based on her extensive experience, including raising twins, focuses on understanding children's emotions and fostering calmer, happier family environments. Tune in for an episode packed with practical advice for parents and professionals alike.


How to secure repeat paid speaking engagements

In this exciting new episode of Pitch Perfect, I'm tackling a topic that's a game-changer in public speaking – the art of the follow-up. I'll be dishing out some seriously useful tips on the perfect timing for follow-ups and how to tailor them to make a lasting impression. You'll discover how these simple yet strategic follow-ups can transform one-off speeches into opportunities for lasting relationships and more speaking gigs. I'll also share some personal stories and experiences to show you how these techniques have worked wonders for me.

So, whether you're a seasoned speaker or just starting out, this episode is packed with insights that can elevate your speaking journey.


How to plan for a bumper 2024

Join me in this episode as we tackle goal setting for 2024. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO, this episode is packed with essential tips for crafting effective and realistic goals. I share insights on the power of goals, spotlighting Apple's success story, and guide you through creating SMART goals that turn aspirations into achievements. Plus, there’s an interactive segment to align your goals with industry trends.

For more in-depth strategies, check out PR Club’s goal-setting workshop. Tune in, get inspired, and start shaping your business's future today.


Email marketing hacks which will change your business

In this episode, I delve into the realm of email marketing, underscoring its vital role in the current digital-dominated market. Despite the prevalence of social media, email marketing maintains a unique edge due to its personal and direct approach, yielding impressive returns on investment. 

There is a common misconception that email marketing is becoming obsolete. Integrating email marketing with other channels and employing a variety of content and storytelling techniques, are essential in deepening connections with audiences and highlight the indispensable role of email marketing in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Supercharge your business with AI and PR

In this episode, I dive into how AI can supercharge your PR strategies. I discuss how PR isn't just about press releases anymore; it's about storytelling and relationships. AI plays a crucial role here, helping us analyse data to predict trends and understand public sentiment. 

I talk about the importance of using AI ethically in PR, focusing on transparency and privacy. My goal is to enhance storytelling with AI, not replace the human element. I invite everyone to explore AI tools in PR and share their experiences with me on social media or my website at www.jaimieabbott.com.au.


How Feng Shui can improve your wealth Suzanne Butler

In this episode of Pitch Perfect, I am joined by Feng Shui expert Suzanne Butler, who shares her transformation from a corporate career to a Feng Shui consultant. Suzanne explains how Feng Shui's energy and balance principles have helped her and her clients, especially female solopreneurs, achieve wealth and well-being. She provides practical Feng Shui tips and discusses her holistic approach to overcoming personal challenges.

Suzanne's story includes overcoming adversity through Feng Shui and how she assists clients with personalised sessions and programs. She also shares some details on her upcoming Bali retreat in July next year.


How to use storytelling in your business

In this episode of Pitch Perfect, I delve into how storytelling is a pivotal tool in marketing and PR. I discuss how it's not just about selling products, but about creating connections and selling experiences and dreams. I highlight strategies for crafting compelling narratives, stressing the need to understand the audience, and emphasise authenticity and structure.

I also explore the role of visuals in storytelling, its impact on social media, brand loyalty, and public perception, and conclude with a note on the ethical aspects of storytelling. This episode is packed with insights for anyone looking to leverage storytelling in their business.


How to master the art of business awards

In this episode of Pitch Perfect, I delve into the vital role of business awards in taking companies to the next level. Drawing from my personal journey, including my win at the Australian Small Business Women's Champions Awards, I shed light on how business awards serve as more than just honors. They are key instruments for brand validation, publicity, and networking.

In my PR club, I provide a comprehensive list of potential awards to help in this process. For more insights and resources, including a detailed guide on winning awards, visit PR Club at www.prclub.com.au.


How much can you get paid as an MC

In this latest episode, I'm diving into what every aspiring MC wants to know: how much can you earn in this exciting field? From starting at $100 to $300 per event to potentially earning thousands, I discuss how your earnings grow with your skills and reputation. I share my journey from small events to major stages and reveal that success in MCing involves more than just stage presence; it's about preparation, collaboration, and a strong online presence.

I also touch on the deeper joys of MCing, like connecting with audiences and the thrill of live performances. For newcomers, I offer advice on skill improvement, networking, and mentorship, emphasizing that every event is a step towards greater opportunities.


How to become an MC

In this episode, I have the pleasure of highlighting the pivotal role of a Master of Ceremonies (MC) in making any event a success. Having been involved in over hundreds of events, I share my experiences and insights on how to turn emceeing into a rewarding career. My journey has taken me from small gigs at shopping centers to hosting prestigious corporate events and political debates, showcasing the impact a skilled MC can have in transforming a simple gathering into a memorable occasion.

I encourage listeners to hone their craft, establish their brand, and manage their business effectively. This episode isn't just a how-to guide; it's a motivational push for anyone eager to step onto the stage and leave a lasting impression in the event industry.


How to leverage local PR as a small business owner

In this episode, I explore the vital role of local public relations (PR) for small businesses. Despite our interconnected global age, community support remains central. Local PR is about building trust and gaining recognition within one's community. I also highlighted the benefits of partnering with other local enterprises and the importance of immersing oneself in community events.

Authenticity stands out as a crucial factor in every business interaction. While global connections matter, for small businesses, the local community holds the key. I welcome feedback and stories via my social platforms - @jaimieabbott, reminding everyone to champion local endeavors.


The Power of Self-Discovery and Financial Confidence with Erin Davis

In this latest episode, I host Erin Davis, a veteran with 26 years in the primarily male world of accounting. Erin delves into her personal challenges, notably the persistent self-doubt she grappled with, even as an experienced professional. Her transformative journey became evident when she decided to prioritise herself, leading to a significant job shift and a newfound love for trail running, where she accomplished two 50-kilometer ultra-trail marathons.

Erin shares her passion for helping women get savvy with their money. She believes understanding finances goes hand in hand with boosting self-esteem.


Nutritional Pathways: Performance, Health, and Happiness with Jennifer May

In this episode, I am joined by Jennifer May, an accomplished nutritionist, prolific author, influential health speaker, nurturing mentor, and dedicated mother. We navigate Jennifer's vast experiences, including her trailblazing initiatives in equipping nutrition and dietetics students for the workforce. As the dynamic force behind Sydney City Nutritionist and Food Intolerance Australia, she comes with over 11 years of unparalleled expertise in nutrition.

We delve deep into the art of performance nutrition, unraveling the magic behind personalised diets, and the imperative to strike a balance in our food choices.


Doors are open to PAID TO SPEAK

In this exciting episode, I dive into the transformative world of my signature course - Paid to Speak, which is open until October 18th at 11pm. Navigate from the "I’m not ready" stage to securing profitable speaking gigs, even with an imperfect bio or topic.

Imagine holding the stage, selling your services, and being the speaker everyone needs! This episode peeks into the course, revealing how to craft sellable topics and magnetic bios, plus a sneak-peek at the profitable world that awaits you in speaking! Don’t miss your key; visit paidtospeak.com.au and elevate your speaking journey!

Act NOW! This is your last chance for 2023 to dive into this wealth of knowledge and bonuses designed to catapult your speaking journey.


How do you get started as paid speaker

In this latest episode, I'm buzzing with excitement as I announce the reopening of my "Paid to Speak" course and the debut of my ‘Speak and Earn’ challenge.

If the world of paid speaking intrigues you, let me share some golden nuggets with you. Start by picking a subject close to your heart. Craft a compelling talk around it. Initially, you might want to begin at local clubs and make sure to record your sessions. Networking is key, so forge connections with event organizers. When it comes to pricing, strike a balance; know your worth but be realistic. Having a personal website or blog can be a fantastic platform to highlight your speaking engagements. Remember, never stop learning, because there's always room for improvement.


Empowering Business Through IT with Leisha Major

In this episode, I welcome Leisha Major, a force to be reckoned with in the IT industry. With over 25 years of experience, Leisha's journey began after completing her Bachelor and Master of Information Systems. Her career trajectory has taken her from working with pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer to establishing her own enterprise, the POP team, with her husband Peter.

Leisha's dedication to bringing value to businesses through IT is evident, as she passionately leads her team of IT experts to ensure the best services for her clients.


Behind the Curtain: Talent Management and More with Josephine Lancuba

In this recent episode, I speak with Josephine Lancuba, a multi-talented entrepreneur in the arts and entertainment sector. Josephine discusses her journey from modest beginnings to establishing a multi-six-figure business and clarifies the diverse role of a talent manager. We also touch on the challenges and adaptations of running a business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Josephine's background of growing up in a difficult household serves as the foundation for her resilience. We discuss the importance of authenticity in online presence, agreeing that it's key to attracting a loyal audience or customer base.


How to Find Extra Revenue Streams with Laetitia Andrac

In this riveting episode, I am joined by Laetitia Andrac, the driving force behind Essential Shift Consulting Proprietary Limited. Laetitia has a rich background of over 15 years in business strategy, and her holistic approach combines business strategy with energetic alignment. 

A key highlight shared was how one of her strategies helped a business soar from zero to 6 million in just 18 months. She uses her invaluable insights to provide bespoke solutions, understanding that there's no one-size-fits-all approach. 


Making Millions with Low Carb with Dr Lucy Burns

In this episode, I welcome Dr Lucy Burns, a GP based in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Dr Lucy's journey into the low carb real food lifestyle and mindset change was inspired by her personal weight loss experience and her stint running a medical weight loss clinic. 

Venturing into the online space, Dr Lucy transitioned from her clinic to digital, aiming to reach a broader audience. The game-changer was her podcast "Real Health and Weight Loss," which maintained consistent weekly episodes and garnered a significant listenership. Her authentic and relatable approach, combined with actionable advice, was a cornerstone in her achieving success, ultimately amassing a million dollars online.


Your 5 Step RESET by Delegating & Outsourcing with Michelle Broadbent

In this podcast episode, I welcome Michelle Broadbent, a seasoned business strategist known for assisting female founders transition from solo entrepreneurs to established CEOs. With a vast experience spanning multiple sectors, Michelle excels at identifying business obstacles and crafting strategic responses.

We dive deep into why handing over tasks and outsourcing can be game-changers. Michelle drops some wisdom about being clear on what you need done and the big wins you can get from tracking your time and tasks. She also shares her five-step guide (she calls it RESET).


Creating Content Through Storytelling with Melissa J Scott

In this enlightening episode, I welcome Melissa J. Scott, a marketing expert, and founder of "25 years," her boutique agency. She's joining from her caravan as she tours Queensland, working with MDC campers and caravans to create content for independent female entrepreneurial travelers.

Melissa covers themes of rockstar confidence, self-belief, personal branding, and connection, even discussing her personal journey of losing her husband and rediscovering herself. With a background in body sculpting and a 25-year career in marketing, Melissa's adaptability, resilience, and positive mantra of "why not me?" form the core of her extraordinary life story.


Balancing Act: Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Pandemic with Alison McQueen

In this podcast episode, I speak with Alison McQueen, the brain behind Newcastle and Hunter Community Health, an award-winning establishment known for its home-delivered aged care and NDIS clinical care. 

As she speaks, her dedication to her community and her genuine passion for her work are palpable. Alongside her remarkable professional journey, Alison is also a loving mother to two teenagers. She shares the intricacies of juggling her thriving business with the nuances of motherhood.


Nutrition to Help You Thrive in Life and Business with Jess Spendlove

In this insightful episode, I am joined by Jess Spendlove, one of Australia's most respected and experienced dietitians. We delve into the dichotomy of working with athletes, some of whom are easy and motivated while others need more guidance to understand the value of proper nutrition. Jess shares her experiences working with different sports, the impact of COVID on her career, and her transition to focusing on one-on-one engagements. She also touches on burnout and the importance of aligning one's career with personal happiness.



How to Pump Up Your Personal and Business Finance Tyres with Alpha Schulte

In this enlightening podcast episode, I sit down with Alpha Schulte to dig into the complexities of both personal and business finance. Together, we explore vital topics like the importance of financial education, unique fears and concerns women often have about money, the lack of financial literacy in schools, the temptations and risks of credit cards, and understanding compound interest.

Alpha also shares her personal journey in specialising in assisting women business owners, opening up about her own challenges with credit card debt, and outlining how she offers a holistic approach to her clients that starts with values and desired lifestyles.


The Game-Changing Power of Buyer's Agents with Jo Vadillo

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of buyer's agents with my guest, Jo Vadillo, an industry leader with an impressive portfolio in the property market. Jo shares her insights into how using a buyer's agent provides a competitive edge to property purchasers. She tells us about her journey from being an advertising and marketing professional to becoming a buyer's agent, a role that was relatively new in Australia when she began.

Jo talks about the crucial role of a buyer's agent in ensuring buyers don't purchase a 'lemon' and the importance of their fiduciary duty to their clients.


Being a Female in the Construction Industry with The Scribble Club

In this episode, I am joined by Heather Morris and Trish Pikersgill, the dynamic duo known as The Scribble Club. They bring their passion for judo and home design to the forefront as home design coaches.

As females in the traditionally male-dominated construction industry, Heather and Trish discuss their experiences and the evolving landscape for women in their field. They share stories of the industry's transformation, highlighting the shift towards mutual respect and inclusivity between genders.


How to Take Control of Your Business Finances

My guest in this episode is Natalie Hall, a business and wealth mentor with over 16 years of experience as an accountant, CPA, business strategist, and more. Natalie's insights focus on helping ambitious female entrepreneurs achieve financial success without compromising their personal well-being.

Natalie emphasises the need for business owners to maintain balance, keeping a sharp eye not just on the income but also on the expenses to ensure they generate profit. She encourages entrepreneurs to recognise the value they offer and understand that they deserve fair compensation for their hard work.


A Life in Balance: Cultivating Joy Before the Workday

In this episode of Pitch Perfect, I am joined by Heidi Horne, a respected speaker, corporate trainer, author, and mindfulness and mindset expert. Heidi shares her knowledge and experience on mindfulness, stress management, positive mindset, and resilience.

Heidi shares her intriguing journey into mindfulness practice, stemming from her personal experience of happiness and positivity as a child. She shares five ways to foster joy - gratitude, breathing exercises, meditation, positive affirmations, and smiling or laughing - and elaborates on the immense benefits these practices have on an individual's well-being and overall work productivity. 


From Burnout to Balance: Guide to Effective Leadership

In this episode, my guest Liz Murray delves into the crucial topics of emotional regulation, self-awareness, and leadership, especially for independent workers. Liz elaborates on the concept of emotional regulation in the context of a professional environment, asserting that working in isolation may cause emotional regulation to diminish. She emphasises that recognising personal triggers and managing responses are key to maintaining a professional demeanor.


Thriving Not Surviving as an Entrepreneur with Lorraine Murphy

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott is joined by Lorraine Murphy, who mentors female entrepreneurs in her membership group, Bold Darling, and high-level one-on-one mentoring. The conversation revolves around what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who struggle. Lorraine identifies three key factors: consistently planning the business, building resilience, and nurturing a growth mindset. Planning includes quarterly planning and taking time to review progress and plan forward. Resilience is crucial for weathering the challenges and setbacks that come with entrepreneurship. 

This episode is full of valuable insights for anyone looking to succeed as an entrepreneur.


How to Market Yourself As a Paid Speaker?

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott shares some tips and tricks on how to market yourself as a paid speaker in an enjoyable way. She starts by emphasising the importance of adding the word "speaker" to everything in your online profile and creating a professional website to showcase your expertise, experience, and past speaking engagements. She then delves into the wild and wacky world of social media, where speakers can connect with their target audience and showcase their expertise.

Jaimie also stresses the importance of networking, expanding your network, building your credibility and reach, and using humor in your marketing materials and social media posts.


How Do You Get Started as a Paid Speaker?

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott shares her insights on the world of becoming a paid speaker. She answers the frequently asked question, "How do I become a paid speaker?" and provides tips and tricks on how to become a highly paid speaker. She begins by discussing the importance of finding your niche and embracing it wholeheartedly. Jaimie then delves into the importance of honing your public speaking skills, building your professional online presence, and networking like a pro.

Finally, Jaimie provides guidance on how to land your first paid speaking gig, emphasising the importance of starting small and bringing your A-game to every opportunity. Tune in to this whimsical adventure and learn how to become a successful paid speaker.


What Should I Include in a Speaker Proposal or Pitch?

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott dives into the art of crafting the perfect speaker proposal or pitch. With a light-hearted touch and a few laughs along the way, Jaimie guides listeners through the essential components of a winning pitch, including a brief introduction of yourself and your expertise, a summary of your presentation topic, the key takeaways for the audience, and any relevant past speaking experience. She also provides tips and tricks to make your pitch stand out from the crowd, such as tailoring it to the specific event or audience, injecting personality, and proofreading for errors.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the speaking circuit, this episode will leave you with the tools you need to make your proposal irresistible to event organisers.


What are Speaker Bureaus and How Can They Help?

In this episode, we delve into the world of speaker bureaus. Speaker bureaus are agencies that represent speakers and help connect them with organisations seeking someone to wow their audiences.

They can also help negotiate fees, manage contracts, and handle logistics. I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of working with a speaker bureau, including increased exposure and credibility, negotiation assistance, and contract management. I also give tips on how to find the perfect speaker bureau and I stress the importance of doing your research and trusting your instincts.


How Much Can You Get Paid as a Speaker

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott discusses a topic that is on the minds of many aspiring speakers: how much can you earn as a paid speaker? I cover the various factors that determine a speaker's earning potential, including experience, topic, industry, and event type. While the world of professional speaking can be incredibly lucrative for some, it can be challenging for others to make a living from speaking fees alone.

I also offer tips for increasing earning potential, such as investing in professional development, building a strong brand and reputation, and targeting the right industries and events for your expertise.

Throughout the episode, I emphasise the importance of being patient, persistent, and strategic in building a successful speaking career.


How to Speak Yourself Rich

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott talks about the power of communication and how it can help listeners achieve financial success by speaking themselves rich. Communication skills are critical in building relationships, negotiating deals, and convincing others to invest in your ideas, and provides practical tips for honing those skills. I emphasise the importance of communicating with confidence, negotiating effectively, networking strategically, selling yourself and your ideas, and always improving your communication skills.

I encourage listeners to pay attention to their communication style and refine it through practice and feedback. By mastering the art of communication, listeners can become more effective negotiators, networkers, and persuaders, and ultimately achieve the financial success they deserve.


How to Get More Stuff Done in a day with Sue Glasser

In this podcast episode, productivity and success coach and speaker, Sue Glasser shares her expertise with Jaimie Abbott. Sue helps struggling and disorganised business owners maximise their 24 hours through workshops and speaking opportunities. She offers tips on how to overcome common obstacles such as procrastination and shares how to use tools like emails and to-do lists more efficiently. 

The episode covers topics such as the benefits of writing down to-do lists, how to prioritise tasks effectively, and the importance of making time for the things you enjoy. Sue suggests that people often procrastinate due to a pursuit of perfection or resistance to a difficult or boring task.

Whether you prefer pen and paper or digital tools, Sue's practical advice will help you take control of your time and achieve your goals.

Check out Sue's website here: https://www.paperclippo.com.au/



How to Create a Killer Speaker Reel

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott takes a deep dive into the essential steps required to create a speaker reel that stands out. She talks about the importance of having a clean message and showcasing personality, while also including testimonials and keeping the video short and sweet.

Jaimie stresses the importance of using high-quality footage and ending with a call to action that encourages potential clients to book you for their events. By following these six steps, listeners can create a speaker reel that truly represents their brand and unique value proposition.


How to Get your Prices Right with Justine McLean

In this podcast episode, Jaimie Abbott interviews business coach, money mentor, and the founder of Flossy Creative Justine McLean to discuss the million dollar question in business: how to get your pricing formula right and make money.

Justine explores the different ways to price products and services, including the profit-first model and mindset shifts, and how these methods may not always work in the long run. 

Listeners will come away with a better understanding of how to get their prices right and, more importantly, how to make money in their business.


How to Show Up More Online

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott talks about the importance of showing up in your business, specifically in the online space through social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. She emphasises the power of being front of mind for potential customers, building the know-like-and-trust factor, and ultimately driving sales.

She draws on her own experience of launching a course that initially had zero sign-ups but later generated six figures in revenue, to demonstrate the effectiveness of showing up. Jaimie also offers tips on how to get started, including documenting your day or thoughts, and encourages people to take their potential customers behind the scenes to give them a glimpse of their everyday work. Through her personal anecdotes and advice, Jaimie motivates listeners to overcome their imposter syndrome and make showing up a habit.


Becoming a Marketing Superhero with Hayley Osborne

In this episode of the podcast, Jaimie Abbott welcomes Hayley Osborne to discuss the pros and cons of live launching. versus evergreen launching when it comes to online courses. They share their personal experiences and talk about the challenges and rewards of launching and promoting digital products.

Overall, this podcast episode provides a wealth of practical tips and insights for business owners who are looking to improve their marketing strategies and increase customer engagement. Whether you're new to the world of online courses or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of valuable advice to help you grow your business and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.


Is the Media Release Dead?

In this captivating episode, Jaimie Abbott, a seasoned journalist and media expert, explores the remarkable benefits of a well-crafted media release. She highlights how a strategically written release can help reach a wider audience, enhance credibility, and increase visibility for your organisation. Jaimie delves into the importance of controlling the narrative, particularly during times of negative publicity, and how media releases can foster strong relationships with journalists.

Drawing from her 20-year experience in newsrooms, Jaimie reveals the secret to making journalists' lives easier and securing exclusive coverage for your brand. Tune in to discover the crucial role of media releases in today's fast-paced media landscape and learn how to craft an impactful message that generates buzz for your organisation.


Getting Digitally Organised with Sarah Marco

Sarah Marco is a vibrant, charismatic entrepreneur and the founder of Inner Works Business Solutions, along with her personal brand is called Sarah Jane. Sarah actually founded Inner Works Business Solutions when she recognised a gap in the recruitment market for businesses to receive a scope of support services. 

In this episode, Sarah provides tips on how to get digitally organised. They discuss tips for organising files and Google Drive, emphasizing the importance of creating a basic structure and grouping specific things together.  

This episode provides valuable advice for business owners who want to streamline their processes and be more productive.


How to Master Your LinkedIn Cover Video

In this episode, Jaimie discusses the importance of LinkedIn's Cover Story videos and how to make a winning one. LinkedIn's Cover Story is a 20-second video that plays automatically when someone clicks on your profile. Jaimie goes over the pros and cons of this new feature and shares tips on how to create an impressive cover video.

Listeners are encouraged to try creating their own LinkedIn cover video after listening to the episode. 


Dave Renfrew and Building A Million Dollar Physio Clinic from Scratch

Dave Renfrew is the founder of Newcastle Performance Physio and a man of many talents. In this episode, Dave talks about his diverse background, which includes being a black belt in Taekwondo, a former rugby union player, a science geek, and a football fanatic. He shares his journey of building a successful physio clinic from scratch, and the challenges he faced in the early days of the business.

Dave emphasises the importance of building the right team and having a clear vision for the clinic. He also talks about his plans for the future, including expanding the clinic and offering more services. Throughout the episode, Dave shares valuable lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur, particularly the importance of continuous improvement and learning from both successes and failures.


How to Get Rid of Distracting Movements

In this episode of her podcast, Jaimie Abbott discusses the common distracting body movements that people exhibit while giving speeches or presentations on stage. Jaimie advises her listeners to identify their distracting mannerisms, such as swaying, hanging onto the podium, finger tapping, fidgeting with clothes, etc., and suggests ways to get rid of them.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills and make a strong impression on their audience.


Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone with Liz Murray

Liz has worked with many exceptional leaders to help them take their success beyond what they dared to think was possible through one to one coaching leadership team programs and team workshops.

In this episode, Jaimie and Liz explore the idea that our comfort zone can be a good place to recharge and take care of ourselves, but if we want to achieve different levels of success, we need to push ourselves out of that zone. They discuss various ways to step out of our comfort zone, such as giving feedback to a boss, having difficult conversations, or even pursuing a life path that feels uncomfortable. 

Listeners will find this conversation insightful and inspiring, particularly those who struggle with people-pleasing or fear of judgment.


How to Come Up With Your Media Angle

Today's topic is all about creating a strong and compelling media angle for your story.

A media angle is essentially the hook, or the unique aspect, of your story that will make it appealing to the media and, therefore, to the public. This is what sets your story apart from the rest and makes it newsworthy.


How to Write Different Types of Blog Posts

"Discover the different types of blog posts you can create to capture your audience's attention and drive engagement!"

In this episode you will learn:

1. Did you know that speaking is one of the highest paying professions in the world?
2. What are the six different types of blog posts and how can you write them?
3. What are the top mistakes people are making in your industry and how can they avoid them?


5 Things to Know About Finding Clients on LinkedIn

A highly ambitious entrepreneur and influencer, desperate to make a living, must learn to navigate the treacherous waters of LinkedIn, as they struggle to find clients and build valuable business relationships without becoming a dreaded spammer. 

"Your ideal clients will be drawn to you once they get to know you as a person instead of as a salesperson."

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What mistakes are made when trying to network on LinkedIn?
2. What are the best strategies for making valuable business connections on the platform?
3. How can you build trust and gain referrals from your LinkedIn network?


How to Polish your Message

In this episode of the podcast, Jaimie Abbott provides listeners with valuable tips on how to polish their message and deliver a successful presentation. Through her top six tips, Jaimie emphasises the importance of making the message interesting, staying on track, being clear and concise, making the message effective, making it personal, and checking the political correctness of the message.

Jaimie explains how beginners and even professional speakers can struggle to engage their audiences and lose their attention by failing to address specific key points.  Jaimie highlights the significance of being mindful of sensitive subjects and the type of language used during the presentation.


Ascension Models for your Business

In this podcast episode, Jaimie Abbott discusses the importance of having ascension models in mind for business owners. She explains that an ascension model is a business model that takes clients on a growth journey towards success. Jaimie goes on to explain the different stages of her funnel, which includes lead magnets, Facebook ads, and upsells. By nurturing leads with weekly emails filled with value, Jaimie builds trust with her clients before launching a course or membership.

Overall, Jaimie emphasises the importance of planning out the customer journey in order to effectively grow a business.



Life changing experiences with Sarah Joy Galway

Sharon is a business and mindset coach who helps coaches and healers get clear in their business.

In this podcast episode we talk all about to find peace and balance in your business and why you need to learn to LOVE public speaking.


Hot speaking topics that sell

In this episode I talk all about what are the top 5 topics that SELL when it comes to public speaking.

There are certain topics that clients will pay more to hear you speak about.


Building a brand with Jack Henderson

My guest in this week's podcast episode is Jack Henderson, the founder of Henderson Advocacy.

Jack has built an incredible brand and company using the power of social and traditional media.

In this episode Jack talks all about the secrets to his success.


Your Speaker Toolkit

What's in your speakers toolkit?

As a professional speaker, what do you need in your speakers toolkit?

In this episode I talk about exactly what you need to start pitching yourself as a paid speaker.

In my upcoming Paid to Speak course, you'll get all the templates you need to put together your speakers toolkit. 


Top industries that will pay you to speak

What industries should you target as a paid speaker?

Some industries will pay more than others. In this episode I take you through the top 6 industries that you should be targeting to get paid speaking gigs.


How to become a paid speaker

In this episode I talk all about how YOU can become a highly paid speaker.

Doors are opening soon to my online Paid to Speak course goes into more details on how you can score these highly paid speaking opportunities.


How to find paid speaking gigs

So you want to become a professional speaker? How do you do it? How do you find paid speaking gigs?

To learn more check out this episode, my upcoming Paid to Speak course goes into more details on how you can score these highly paid speaking opportunities.


Being a successful entrepreneur mum with Donna Hann

Being a Mum and running a business is hard work!

But there are simple tools you can put in place to make life easier, when growing your business.

In this episode I interview Donna Hann, who is the owner of She's in Business, who supports entrepreneurial women in business.


Should you speak for free?

When should you do a speaking gig and not charge for it?

In this episode I take you through some of the reasons you may want to speak for free, and what you want to ask for in return.


Why should you become a paid speaker?

Why should you charge to speak to audiences? 

As a paid speaker you can fit your jobs around your lifestyle and travel the world. 

In this episode I take you through all the benefits of becoming a professional speaker or doing it as a side hustle.


How to overcome a fear of public speaking

If you find yourself afraid of an upcoming speech, you’re not alone. The fear of public speaking is one of the top fears out there, but you can still do something about it.
You hear over and over again that practice makes perfect, and this also applies to public speaking. Any sort of public speaking – even when you speak out in your group of friends – can ease you into the public speaking role.

In this podcast episode I take you through some actions you can take to reduce your fear of public speaking.


The Top 3 things you need to do on Linkedin right now

Linkedin is a powerful social media tool, and I estimate 50% of my business income comes from Linkedin.

There are 3 quick things you can do on Linkedin to improve your profile to get more leads instantly.


How to get featured on hot podcasts

When you become a podcast guest on a hot podcast, you are able to instantly leverage your host’s loyal audience – the audience that your host did the work of building and nurturing.
While the written word is a powerful medium, seeing you in a live webinar or hearing your actual voice in a podcast, with all its warmth, inflections, animation, passion and liveliness, boosts the degree of personal connection your audience feels.

In this episode, I will take you through 5 quick steps so you can get featured on hot podcasts.


Featured Guests

Sarah Cordiner

Sarah is a Postgraduate Qualified Course Creation Specialist with over 150,000 student enrolments in her online education programs, from 181 countries - Sarah Cordiner helps organisations, experts, speakers, coaches and consultants to create and launch online courses, coaching programs, membership subscriptions, and build successful education-based businesses with her simple to follow tech and marketing support thrown in.


Mark Kentwell

Mark Kentwell is an award-winning founder, thought leader, advisor and entrepreneur specialising in real estate, property development, business systems and property technology sectors. Mark has started or helped build more than 20 Australian companies and trusts with the majority reaching sector leading positions and growth figures of several times industry benchmarks.


Melissa Histon

In January 2016, Melissa founded the charity, ‘Got Your Back Sista’, which empowers women to thrive after leaving domestic violence. Melissa was named, ‘Newcastle Woman of the Year’ and was a finalist in the ‘Newcastle University Alumni Awards’ during 2017. In a further bid to lift and give women a voice, Melissa launched the ‘Hey Soul Sista’ podcast in September 2019.



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