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10 tips to master your next job interview

Jun 29, 2022

by Jaimie Abbott

Job Interviews are often the most dreaded step in the process of getting your desired job. Who doesn’t want to get their dream job? In order to get hired for it, you need to be prepared and stand out among the others. You need to focus on a few things and it may be not as much difficult as you think.

Here are few steps you can follow to ace your next job interview:

Do as much research as you can

It’s always said that to be successful you always need to do as much research as you can and be prepared. The best way is to know and research about the company you are going for a role with – it’s culture, history, plans for the future, profits and competitors. If possible find out the names of the executives along with their title and learn to pronounce them correctly.

Know the year in which the company was established and the concept of the company. This will help you be confident (even if they don’t ask you anything related to it) because of the extra knowledge. Make sure you make an impression that you are interested in this particular job and are not hoping to land on any of the jobs you get first. This will make the interviewer assume that you are excited for this particular job in their company and they may end up choosing you over others.  Study the current news and events related to the company you are interviewing for. This will make a good impression in the eyes of the interviewer and they would know that you are genuinely interested in the company.

Study your Resume well

Being a candidate and applying for a job in a company, you should always know your resume like you know your own name. Always remember the resume of the candidate is at the disposal of the interviewer. You should know your resume so well that if they ask any questions related to your resume, you can answer it instantly without hesitation. Following this technique will help you in making a genuine impression in front of the interviewer and will also increase the chances of you getting the job over others. It solely depends on us and our skill of how we convince the interviewer and make them believe we are suitable and better for the job.

Explaining all about your skills and ambition and what your plans are to help the company progress if you get the job is very important.  Tell them a story about your dedication and results in previous positions to back up your Resume.

Be Presentable

It sounds a bit cliché but how you are presenting yourself is a vital part of the job interview process. This may be of a great advantage as the interviewers often form judgments based on how you are presented. Always dress professionally and in an appropriate way that is suitable for the position you are applying for. You should always pay great attention to your personal hygiene (spray deodorant) and try to avoid any choices that may be distracting for them, such as huge earrings. Also, pay great attention to the body posture and your hand movements as it leaves a great impression on the interviewer. Maintain a good body posture and don’t stumble or hesitate while giving the answers to their questions. Sit up straight and do not lean on the chair or slouch your back.

The first impression is the last impression

You rarely get an opportunity to make a second “first impression”. So you need to make a brilliant first impression in front of the interviewer in order to get the desired position in the company you are applying for. As you walk into the room greet everyone and smile at them while giving them firm handshakes. Hold your head high and maintain a good posture. Keep a good control on the movements of your hands and legs and do not stumble while sitting.  Stay alert and listen to them carefully. Don’t sit until they ask you to sit. Smile to the people you meet while entering the building and thank the receptionist for attending to you and helping you. When they ask you a question, let them finish first even if you know the answer. These are just little etiquette tips that will help you crack that job interview.

Always maintain good eye contact

Making eye contact is known as the most powerful form of non-verbal communication. If you want to come across as a confident candidate, you need to constantly make good eye contact with the interviewer. Avoiding eye contact is a sign of dishonesty with which you surely do not want to come across as! Eye contact doesn’t mean staring at them with bugged eyes; you just need to make direct eye contact when speaking and listening. If you have more than one interviewer always make eye contact with the one asking you the question but move or shift your gaze and contact with the other interviewer while you are answering. This point is of great importance alone and will help you form a connection with the interviewer and exude your confidence.

Always speak clearly and intelligently

Mumbling in front of the interviewer won’t take you anywhere or will do any good to you, so try to speak up clearly and answer all the questions intelligently. Do not use slang or cheap words in front of them even by mistake. This doesn’t mean that you should speak like you’re in a Shakespeare play because it may be a little distracting for the interviewer so try and avoid using fancy words. Use words that are easy to understand and have simple meanings which will also make the interviewer understand everything you are trying to explain.

Try to maintain a positive attitude

You will reduce your chances of getting selected for the dream job that you have applied for if you are negative. You should never show negativity even if you have had a bad job experience or your boss was horrible! If you are badmouthing your previous boss or employer or even your colleagues, it doesn’t make THEM look bad it makes YOU look bad. You should always try to keep and show positive attitude no matter what. Showing them the negative part of the previous job would only make them assume that the fault was in you and not in them.

Never show up to an job interview without your important documents like a resume, recommendation letter, cover letters and other documents you were asked to bring. If the interviewer asks for particular documents and you have to fumble through them all to find something that may be frustrating for the interviewer and leave a careless impression about you as a candidate.

Use their names while communicating with them

Another great tip for mastering the interview is repeatedly using the names of those interviewing you in conversation. If you are introduced to someone, address them with their name while greeting them or while shaking hands with them. You can also mention their name while they are asking you a question or during the job interview period. When you address someone with their name, the person pays more attention to you rather than just casually listening to you or tuning out.

Another great trick is to always take advantage of the question and answer round after the job interview. If the interviewer asks if you have any questions, never say “No”. Always have some applicable and intelligent questions ready as the interviewer will know you are definitely keen for the job!

Be yourself

It doesn’t matter how badly you need the job you have applied for in the company, sometimes you are just not a good match. Never try to pretend to be someone you are not or what you think the job requires you to be.

Be yourself and do not try to be someone else in order to increase your chances to get hired for the job. This will help you send positive impression of yourself to the interviewer and eventually get the desired job you were dreaming of in the company.

If you are not being yourself the interviewer can often sense the lack of authenticity in you and you may be turned off from the position and someone else may be considered for the job.

Follow up regularly

If you think that after the interview your job is to only wait for their response, you are totally mistaken. Wait for a day or two and then send a courteous and kind thank you note to the interviewer. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and become a pest. Just a few lines of gratitude for the interviewer for his/her time and consideration are enough.

Now you have a list of things that will help you master your next job interview! At Jaimie Abbott Communications, we have helped hundreds of candidates score their dream job through our CV writing and interview coaching services. For an obligation-free quote and confidential discussion, email us with the best contact number for you at [email protected]

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