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Enhancing public speaking with the SEE structure

The SEE Structure, or Statement, Evidence, Explanation, is an indispensable strategy I incorporate into my online public speaking training sessions. This method follows a straightforward yet impactful approach: initiate with a definitive statement, fortify it with solid evidence, and culminate with a comprehensive explanation or a motivating call to action. Start with a compelling statement that serves either as a pivotal message or an audacious claim to grab attention. Subsequently, bolster your statement with tangible evidence to establish the foundation of your argument. Conclude with an insightful explanation that reinforces your initial claim or propose a direct action to be taken.

Take for instance my extensive involvement in animal rescue. During an adoption event showcasing our foster dogs and cats, if queried about the event's purpose, I'd lean on the SEE Structure. I might say, "A staggering number of animals face euthanasia in this country every year." To back this up, I'd cite the harrowing statistic that millions of healthy dogs and cats are euthanized in Australian shelters annually, underlining the critical need for adoption from organisations like ours.

The beauty of the SEE Structure is its adaptability across various subjects. Engage in practice sessions with different topics to hone your skills. For example, in discussing butterflies, you could express, "I am profoundly fascinated by butterflies." Offer evidence by highlighting their unique beauty and the serene joy of their flight, perhaps suggesting a quest to observe these creatures. This demonstrates how the SEE Structure can be versatilely applied, regardless of the topic.

Emphasising the significance of this structure, particularly for impromptu speaking, is crucial. It's not uncommon for individuals to skip the evidence part, making assertions without substantiation or failing to explain their reasoning. By rigorously applying the SEE Structure, especially focusing on providing evidence, you not only enhance your persuasiveness but also significantly elevate your credibility, whether in front of an audience or within any speaking engagement.

Moreover, adopting the SEE Structure promotes critical thinking and organisation in your presentations. It encourages speakers to construct their messages more thoughtfully, ensuring each part of the speech is purposeful and impactful. This method doesn't just improve your speaking abilities; it also sharpens your analytical skills, as you learn to swiftly identify and articulate the core elements of your message.

The SEE Structure isn't merely a technique for public speaking; it's a powerful framework for effective communication, persuasive argumentation, and engaging storytelling. Whether you're addressing an audience, participating in a debate, or simply sharing a story, employing the SEE Structure will undoubtedly make your presentations more compelling, coherent, and convincing.

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