Episode 32 - How to polish your message

How to polish your message.

In this episode of the podcast, Jaimie Abbott provides listeners with valuable tips on how to polish their message and deliver a successful presentation. Through her top six tips, Jaimie emphasizes the importance of making the message interesting, staying on track, being clear and concise, making the message effective, making it personal, and checking the political correctness of the message.

Jaimie explains how beginners and even professional speakers can struggle to engage their audiences and lose their attention by failing to address specific key points. She encourages presenters to make their message personal and tailored to each individual in the audience to connect with them emotionally. Jaimie highlights the significance of being mindful of sensitive subjects and the type of language used during the presentation.

With her tips and insights, Jaimie aims to help listeners refine and hone their message to deliver impactful and effective presentations.

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