Episode 39 - How to master your LinkedIn cover video

  • In this episode, Jaimie discusses the importance of LinkedIn's Cover Story videos and how to make a winning one.
  • LinkedIn's Cover Story is a 20-second video that plays automatically when someone clicks on your profile.
  • Jaimie goes over the pros and cons of this new feature and shares tips on how to create an impressive cover video.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Shows your personality, provides context for career changes, and shows off public speaking and video skills.
  • Cons: Potential bias in the recruitment process, potential disadvantages for less tech-savvy job seekers, and a poorly produced video can hurt your chances of securing a job.

Tips for Creating a Winning Cover Video:

  • Determine your goal for the video
  • Outline or write a script
  • Get feedback from trusted colleagues or friends
  • Practice your script


  • Jaimie encourages listeners to have a go at creating their LinkedIn Cover Story Video.
  • With these tips, you can create an impressive cover video that showcases your personality, skills, and experiences.