Episode 36 - Getting out of your comfort zone with Liz Murray

Getting out of your Comfort Zone with Liz Murray

Liz has worked with many exceptional leaders to help them take their success beyond what they dared to think was possible through one to one coaching leadership team programs and team workshops.

In this episode, Jaimie and Liz explore the idea that our comfort zone can be a good place to recharge and take care of ourselves, but if we want to achieve different levels of success, we need to push ourselves out of that zone. They discuss various ways to step out of our comfort zone, such as giving feedback to a boss, having difficult conversations, or even pursuing a life path that feels uncomfortable. They also delve into the role of ego in holding us back from putting ourselves out there and the importance of focusing on our own zone of genius rather than worrying about what others think.

Listeners will find this conversation insightful and inspiring, particularly those who struggle with people-pleasing or fear of judgment.

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