Episode 44 - How to get your prices right with Justine McLean

How to get your prices right Justine McLean

In this podcast episode, Jaimie Abbott interviews business coach, money mentor, and the founder of Flossy Creative Justine McLean to discuss the million dollar question in business: how to get your pricing formula right and make money. Justine explores the different ways to price products and services, including the profit-first model and mindset shifts, and how these methods may not always work in the long run. Instead, Justine emphasises the importance of understanding your unique definition of success as a business owner, including the goals and values that drive you. By starting with these factors in mind, you can create a pricing strategy that supports your ideal lifestyle and revenue goals. Justine walks Jaimie through a practical exercis to help business owners develop a pricing strategy that aligns with their unique definition of success.

Justine then walks the listeners through a practical approach to pricing their products and services, starting with calculating their ideal billable hours and understanding the costs of running their business. She explains how to arrive at the ideal hourly rate, which should be the jumping-off point for all pricing decisions.

Listeners will come away with a better understanding of how to get their prices right and, more importantly, how to make money in their business.

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