Episode 52 - How to market yourself as a paid speaker

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott shares some tips and tricks on how to market yourself as a paid speaker in an enjoyable way. Jaimie starts by emphasising the importance of adding the word "speaker" to everything in your online profile and creating a professional website to showcase your expertise, experience, and past speaking engagements. She then delves into the wild and wacky world of social media, where speakers can connect with their target audience and showcase their expertise.

Jaimie also stresses the importance of networking, expanding your network, building your credibility and reach, and using humor in your marketing materials and social media posts.

She wraps up with some quick-fire tips to help speakers market themselves without breaking a sweat, reminding them to be authentic, engaging, and consistent, and to let their personalities shine through.

To download your FREE checklist on how to become a highly paid speaker go to jaimieabbott.com/speakerguide.