Episode 53 - Thriving not surviving as an entrepreneur with Lorraine Murphy

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott is joined by Lorraine Murphy, who mentors female entrepreneurs in her membership group, Bold Darling, and high-level one-on-one mentoring. The conversation revolves around what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who struggle. Lorraine identifies three key factors: consistently planning the business, building resilience, and nurturing a growth mindset. Planning includes quarterly planning and taking time to review progress and plan forward. Resilience is crucial for weathering the challenges and setbacks that come with entrepreneurship. Lorraine points out that it's not talked about enough in entrepreneurship circles.

Finally, nurturing a growth mindset means being curious, ambitious, and open to new ideas. Entrepreneurs who are not open to growing will keep their businesses playing small. The conversation also touches on the importance of outsourcing tasks and building a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs. It's essential to take care of oneself by eating well, staying hydrated, and getting enough rest, which can be underestimated.

The episode is full of valuable insights for anyone looking to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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