Episode 57 - Being a Female in the Construction Industry with The Scribble Club

In this episode of Pitch Perfect, Jaimie Abbott is joined by Heather Morris and Trish Pikersgill, the dynamic duo known as The Scribble Club. Heather is an architect, mentor, and property investor with a wealth of experience in design compliance systems.Trish, on the other hand, is a seasoned building designer, coach, and business owner with expertise in kitchen design. Together, they bring their passion for judo and home design to the forefront as home design coaches.

As females in the traditionally male-dominated construction industry, Heather and Trish discuss their experiences and the evolving landscape for women in their field. They share stories of the industry's transformation, highlighting the shift towards mutual respect and inclusivity between genders. They also emphasise the importance of retaining women in the industry, addressing the challenges faced by those who take breaks due to family obligations.

Looking towards the future, Heather and Trish provide insights into the upcoming trends and changes in the building and real estate sectors. The Scribble Club offers resources and support for beginners in the world of home design. Their podcast and monthly home design guides provide valuable information and tips to navigate the industry. They break down complex terminology and offer free resources to empower individuals in their design journeys.

Listeners are encouraged to connect with the Scribble Club on their social media platforms:

Through their engaging content and expertise, Heather and Trish aim to assist individuals in achieving their design goals and making informed decisions for their homes.

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