Episode 58 - The Game-Changing Power of Buyer’s Agents with Jo Vadillo

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of buyer's agents with my guest, Jo Vadillo, an industry leader with an impressive portfolio in the property market. Jo shares her insights into how using a buyer's agent provides a competitive edge to property purchasers. She tells us about her journey from being an advertising and marketing professional to becoming a buyer's agent, a role that was relatively new in Australia when she began. Jo talks about the crucial role of a buyer's agent in ensuring buyers don't purchase a 'lemon' and the importance of their fiduciary duty to their clients.

We discuss how Jo navigated the infancy of the buyer's agent industry in Australia, including being one of the very few female buyer's agents at the time. Jo shares the ups and downs of establishing herself in the industry, the network she built, and how she managed to leverage free media to grow her business without investing heavily into marketing. She shares how the bulk of her business comes from past clients and referrals, pointing to the power of building and nurturing relationships.

She wraps up our conversation with her views on owning and investing in properties herself. This hands-on experience, she explains, helps her understand the momentum, fears, and joys of her clients better. Jo emphasises that she would never advise a client to buy a property that she wouldn't invest in herself. Join us to gain valuable insights from Jo's unique perspective as a buyer's agent.

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