Episode 59 - How to Pump Up Your Personal and Business Finance Tyres with Alpha Schulte

In this enlightening podcast episode, Jaimie sits down with Alpha Schulte to dig into the complexities of both personal and business finance. Together, they explore vital topics like the importance of financial education, unique fears and concerns women often have about money, the lack of financial literacy in schools, the temptations and risks of credit cards, and understanding compound interest. Alpha also shares her personal journey in specialising in assisting women business owners, opening up about her own challenges with credit card debt, and outlining how she offers a holistic approach to her clients that starts with values and desired lifestyles.

Alpha Schulte's episode was filled with personal anecdotes and shared wisdom, featuring quotes on the importance of early financial awareness and the transformative journey of business ownership. If you're a business owner, particularly a woman in need of guidance in the financial landscape, consider connecting with Alpha to explore values, address beliefs around money, and make more informed decisions. Here's how you can reach her:

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