Episode 61 - Balancing Act: Entrepreneurship, Motherhood, and Pandemic with Alison McQueen

In a riveting episode, Jaimie speaks with Alison McQueen, the brain behind Newcastle and Hunter Community Health, an award-winning establishment known for its home-delivered aged care and NDIS clinical care. About six years ago, she noticed an unexplored niche in the age and disability sectors, giving birth to her venture. The business's journey, though promising, faced significant obstacles, notably the pandemic. Yet, Alison, despite her self-proclaimed quiet nature, showcased remarkable resilience and adaptability, attributing much of her leadership growth to her dedicated coach.

Diving into the workings of Newcastle and Hunter Community Health, Alison details how they offer in-home services to the elderly, the disabled, and veterans, empowering them to maintain their health and autonomy. As she speaks, her dedication to her community and her genuine passion for her work are palpable. Alongside her remarkable professional journey, Alison is also a loving mother to two teenagers. She shares the intricacies of juggling her thriving business with the nuances of motherhood.

This episode paints not just an entrepreneur's portrait but epitomises perseverance and the essence of adjusting amid challenges.

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