Episode 62 - Creating Content Through Storytelling with Melissa J Scott

In this enlightening episode, Jaimie welcomes Melissa J. Scott, a marketing expert, and founder of "25 years," her boutique agency. She's joining from her caravan as she tours Queensland, working with MDC campers and caravans to create content for independent female entrepreneurial travelers. Melissa covers themes of rockstar confidence, self-belief, personal branding, and connection, even discussing her personal journey of losing her husband and rediscovering herself. With a background in body sculpting and a 25-year career in marketing, Melissa's adaptability, resilience, and positive mantra of "why not me?" form the core of her extraordinary life story.

Her courage and zest for life, combined with her focus on being a role model, make her a truly inspiring figure. The conversation includes insights into her transformation from cold calling to embracing social media strategies, reflecting her tenacity and passion for human connection. This episode is a compelling listen for those interested in personal growth, marketing trends, and embracing life to the fullest.

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