Episode 64 - Making Millions with Low Carb with Dr Lucy Burns

In this episode, Jaimie welcomes Dr Lucy Burns, a GP based in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Dr Lucy's journey into the low carb real food lifestyle and mindset change was inspired by her personal weight loss experience and her stint running a medical weight loss clinic. She lost 44 pounds, transforming not only her physical health but also her mindset, despite facing the challenges of muscular dystrophy. While she once prioritised exercise to manage her weight, her personal epiphany came when she delved into a low carb diet, leading to sustainable weight loss and improved overall health. Dr. Lucy now advocates for this lifestyle through her online learning platform, speaking engagements, and her podcast.

Venturing into the online space, Dr Lucy transitioned from her clinic to digital, aiming to reach a broader audience. Her initial efforts included a Facebook community where she provided valuable content before launching her course. The game-changer, however, was her podcast "Real Health and Weight Loss," which maintained consistent weekly episodes and garnered a significant listenership. Her authentic and relatable approach, combined with actionable advice, was a cornerstone in her achieving success, ultimately amassing a million dollars online.

Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast

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