Episode 66 - Behind the Curtain: Talent Management and More with Josephine Lancuba

In this recent episode, Jaimie interviews Josephine Lancuba, a multi-talented entrepreneur in the arts and entertainment sector. Josephine discusses her journey from modest beginnings to establishing a multi-six-figure business and clarifies the diverse role of a talent manager. They also touch on the challenges and adaptations of running a business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Josephine's background of growing up in a difficult household serves as the foundation for her resilience. They discuss the importance of authenticity in online presence, agreeing that it's key to attracting a loyal audience or customer base. Josephine also shares her exciting future plans, including her upcoming "Studio Innovation Conference" and a new membership offering for studio owners.

Connect with Josephine on Instagram @josephinelancuba and check out her Talent Manager Bootcamp for more insights.

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