Episode 70 - Nutritional Pathways: Performance, Health, and Happiness with Jennifer May

In this enlightening episode, Jaimie is joined by Jennifer May, an accomplished nutritionist, prolific author, influential health speaker, nurturing mentor, and dedicated mother. They navigate Jennifer's vast experiences, including her trailblazing initiatives in equipping nutrition and dietetics students for the workforce. Jennifer also reminisces about her memorable stint in Myanmar where she seamlessly merged education and service. As the dynamic force behind Sydney City Nutritionist and Food Intolerance Australia, she comes with over 11 years of unparalleled expertise in nutrition.

Throughout the conversation, Jennifer demystifies the nuances separating dietitians from nutritionists. Moreover, the duo delves deep into the art of performance nutrition, unraveling the magic behind personalised diets, and the imperative to strike a balance in our food choices.

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