Episode 68 - How do you get started as a paid speaker

In the most recent "Pitch Perfect" episode, you get a special treat as Jaimie takes the mic solo from her cozy home. She's buzzing with excitement as she announces the reopening of her "Paid to Speak" course and the debut of her ‘Speak and Earn’ challenge.

If the world of paid speaking intrigues you, Jaimie shares some golden nuggets. Start by picking a subject close to your heart. Craft a compelling talk around it. Initially, you might want to begin at local clubs and make sure to record your sessions. Networking is key, so forge connections with event organizers. When it comes to pricing, strike a balance; know your worth but be realistic. A personal website or blog can be a fantastic platform to highlight your speaking engagements. Never stop learning, because there's always room for improvement.

For those eager to dive deeper, Jaimie's "Paid to Speak" course is packed with videos, guides, and valuable contacts. Remember, all the renowned speakers began with just one speech. Your voice is unique and powerful; it's high time you earn from it! If this episode resonates with you, spread the word. Keep embracing your voice and shining bright!

To download your FREE checklist on how to become a highly paid speaker go to jaimieabbott.com/speakerguide.