Episode 69 - Doors are open to Paid to Speak

In this episode of Pitch Perfect, Jaimie Abbott is introducing her famous course "Paid to Speak", which helps people learn how to speak in public and make money from it. Jaimie talks about how you don’t need to feel fully ready to start and that there's good money in speaking, especially talking to businesses. The Paid to Speak course has lots of helpful stuff like 60 videos, Canva templates, a live coaching session, and a list of contacts including speaker bureaus and Australian government departments. Plus, there are extra helpful resources and bonuses to help you become a better speaker, such as how to make great sales pages and plan photoshoots. Over 100 students, now earning 10k for each speaking event, show that the course really works.

This is your last chance in 2023 to join as the "Paid to Speak" course closes at 11pm on October 18th and won't open again until June next year. To learn more and join, visit paidtospeak.com.au. If you have any questions, message Jaimie on social media and listen to "Pitch Perfect" for more great insights in the episode. Don't forget to subscribe and share the episode to inspire others to learn public speaking with Jaimie Abbott!

To download your FREE checklist on how to become a highly paid speaker go to jaimieabbott.com/speakerguide.