Episode 71 - The Power of Self-Discovery and Financial Confidence with Erin Davis

In the latest episode of Pitch Perfect, Jaimie hosts Erin Davis, a veteran with 26 years in the primarily male world of accounting. Erin delves into her personal challenges, notably the persistent self-doubt she grappled with, even as an experienced professional. Simultaneously, Erin talks about the demands of being a mother to three teens. Her transformative journey became evident when she decided to prioritise herself, leading to a significant job shift and a newfound love for trail running, where she accomplished two 50-kilometer ultra-trail marathons.

Erin shares her passion for helping women get savvy with their money. She believes understanding finances goes hand in hand with boosting self-esteem. They also discuss the challenges women face in society, Erin's fitness escapades, and the importance of knowing about money.

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