Episode 77 - How Feng Shui can improve your wealth with Suzanne Butler

In this engaging episode of Pitch Perfect, Jaimie welcomes Feng Shui expert Suzanne Butler, who shares her journey from a 25-year corporate career to discovering her passion in Feng Shui consultancy. Suzanne discusses how Feng Shui, an ancient practice centered around energy and balance, has personally transformed her life and the lives of her clients, particularly female solopreneurs. She delves into the practical aspects of Feng Shui, dispelling common myths and explaining how simple changes in one’s living space can lead to significant improvements in wealth, health, and overall well-being.

Suzanne's insights extend beyond just rearranging furniture; they encompass a holistic approach to balancing life’s energies. Through real-life examples, including her own experiences with domestic violence and childhood trauma, she illustrates the profound impact Feng Shui can have in overcoming personal challenges and achieving success. The episode also highlights how Suzanne works with clients, offering various programs and personalised consultations, and her upcoming retreat in Bali and how listeners can connect with her for more Feng Shui wisdom.

Suzanne Butler’s social media: @harmonising_energies_fengshui

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