Episode 78 - Supercharge your business with AI and PR

In the latest episode of "Pitch Perfect," Jaimie explores how combining Public Relations (PR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionise business strategies. She explains that PR has evolved beyond just press releases in the digital age, focusing on storytelling and relationship building. AI's role in PR is significant, as it helps analyse large data sets for insights, predict trends, and understand public sentiment. Jaimie highlights tools like Crayon and Brand 24, which aid in tracking online mentions and crisis management. She also shares examples of how AI has helped businesses, such as a tech firm that used AI to identify key influencers, thereby boosting their campaign's effectiveness.

Jaimie also addresses the ethical use of AI in PR, stressing the importance of transparency and privacy. She encourages listeners to use AI not as a replacement for human touch but as an enhancement to tell more effective stories. 

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