Episode 79 - Email marketing hacks which will change your business

In this episode, Jaimie Abbott explores the enduring significance of email marketing in the digital era. Despite the surge in social media usage, she highlights how email marketing continues to stand out for its personal and direct communication style, often resulting in ROI. Jaimie delves into the essentials of crafting an effective email list, engaging audiences with tailored content, and leveraging digital tools for efficient segmentation. She cautions against bland, one-size-fits-all emails and underlines the importance of timing and mobile optimisation for emails.

Countering the notion that email marketing is fading away, Jaimie illustrates its evolving nature, especially with advancements in AI and machine learning enhancing personalisation and interaction. She stresses the importance of ethical practices and compliance with privacy laws, alongside maintaining respectful subscriber relationships. By integrating email marketing with various channels and using diverse content and storytelling, Jaimie argues for its crucial role in deepening audience connections, emphasising its irreplaceable position in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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