Episode 82 - Crafting calmer, happier family lives with Karina Lane

In this insightful episode, Jaimie welcomes Karina Lane, a certified parenting coach, educator, and author with over two decades of experience in behavioral change and emotional intelligence. Karina's unique background includes 12 years working with inmates and offenders, where she developed a deep understanding of the significance of early parent-child interactions and emotion regulation. This experience paved her way into the parenting field. Karina excels in teaching parents and professionals effective ways to connect and communicate with children, focusing on building trust, emotional intelligence, and guiding behavior. She is the author of 'Chilled Out Mum' and an accredited parenting educator, having worked with various esteemed organisations.

Karina talks about her path from working in prisons to becoming a well-known parenting coach. She realised how much parenting affects children's lives, especially from her own experience with her kids, including twins. She talks about the challenges parents face, like social pressures and high expectations. Karina gives tips on "stress-proof" parenting, which means changing how parents think about their expectations and helping them understand their children's emotions better. Her goal is to help families be calmer and happier by giving advice that suits each family's needs, based on her research and experience. 

Check out Karina Lane's website at www.karinalane.com.au

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