Episode 86 - How to identify your niche as a paid speaker

As a professional speaker, how do you stand out in a crowded field? In this latest episode, Jaimie shares her process for discovering the perfect niche. She knows firsthand the challenges of trying to be everything to everyone. But by taking time for self-reflection, speakers can zero in on their unique strengths and passions.

Jaimie guides listeners through an assessment of their expertise and interests. From there, market research reveals opportunities to solve industry problems. Testing ideas through smaller gigs allows refining one's niche focus. Aligning with audience needs is key. Once validated, committing to consistent, high-quality content establishes authority. Networking further spreads an expert message.

Follow Jaimie's formula for crafting an authentic brand that attracts ideal clients. Her step-by-step roadmap shows how defining a clear speaking niche sets one apart from the pack. Listen in for the secrets to finding profitable speaking success in any field.

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