Episode 89 - Using AI to refine your speaking skills

In today's episode, Jaimie Abbott jumps right into how AI is changing the game in public speaking with something called speech analytics. Fresh from a busy period with big launches and soaking up the sun in Jamaica, Jaimie shares how this tech, once just a tool for customer service, is now revolutionising how we talk and present. She dives into how AI can fine-tune our speaking from improving clarity and pacing to matching our emotional tone with our words—making every speech hit just right.

Jaimie also talks about the magic of getting real-time feedback. Imagine tweaking your speech as you practice, instantly upping your game! Plus, she reassures that all this tech is privacy-conscious and tailors its help to fit just what you need. As AI keeps advancing, Jaimie sees a future where strong speaking skills aren’t just for the elite; they're for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, integrating AI into your practice can boost your confidence and skills to new heights.

Curious to learn more or want to jump on board? Check out paidtospeak.com.au. And yes, in this episode, you get all the authentic bits—coughs and all—as we explore this exciting tech frontier together. Join us to embrace how AI is reshaping not just public speaking but communication across the board.


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