Episode 92 - How to land your first paid speaking gig

In this episode, I'm diving deep into the steps needed to secure that coveted spot on stage, where your expertise will shine. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned speaker ready to take the leap to paid engagements, this episode is your guide, providing precision and enthusiasm every step of the way.

Discovering your unique value is key. What insights do you offer? What problems can you solve? Finding your niche is the foundation of your success.

Crafting a compelling speaker profile is your next move. With a polished bio, glowing testimonials, and captivating visuals, you'll attract potential clients like a magnet.

Determining your price is crucial. Research, reflect, and confidently communicate your worth.

Now, let's talk strategy. Your website, social media, and networking skills will amplify your reach and elevate your brand.

Embrace rejection as a stepping stone and refine your pitch with each setback. Each "no" brings you closer to your resounding "yes."

Negotiation is where the magic happens. Flexibility, assertiveness, and added value pave the way to success.

Preparation is key. Rehearse, refine, and radiate confidence on stage.

Your first gig is just the beginning. Leverage every opportunity, gather testimonials, and share your success with the world.

Remember, every great speaker started with a single engagement. With persistence, preparation, and passion, your success story is waiting to unfold. Tune in and embark on this electrifying journey towards your brightest speaking future. Together, let's make your mark on the world stage.

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