Episode 93 - Empowering Women in Real Estate with Jo Vadillo

Join us on Pitch Perfect as we welcome back Jo Vadillo by popular demand. Jo is not just a property investment guru; she's a trailblazer for women in real estate, empowering them to claim their space in this challenging industry. This episode dives deep into Jo's transformative journey from a novice investor to a prominent buyer's agent and a passionate advocate for women's empowerment in real estate.

Discover the strategies that Jo has mastered and shared, from property developments to managing Airbnbs, and learn how these can be applied to your own investment ventures. Jo’s recent insights from the Business Blueprint Wealth Summit on key negotiation tactics reveal the critical importance of building strong networks and rapport, skills that transcend industries and fuel professional growth. She also shares her predictions for the Australian real estate market, offering invaluable advice for navigating current economic climates.

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